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Hi, here you are on a page at RDE Network Systems in Germany.

This German web is primaryly adressing German speaking business customers inside the European Union.

This web is fully German.

Here we are providing Help and tips and tricks and we are discussing and talking and explaining everything about the "Digital Linear Technology" Tape Systems called DLT (DEC Linear Tape). We have a huge History section. All our knowledge and experience regarding the needs and wishes are pointed out and hopefully transferred back to the DLT and backup industry. Please remember, the main language is German.

We are servicing 4 fully English webs:

This are maxrouter - maxrepair - bayswitches - foreswitches and some dual language webs in the near future.

International users:

As mentioned above, we are servicing the German speaking market in Europe only. We are going to find others to translate this web with over 520 (as in Nov 2005) pages and over 2300 text blocks in English language shortly. Today we count 1900 pictures in the image directory.

However, we need to make some money with this web and our professional DLT-,S-DLT- and LTO service. Currently we do not rent out DLT libraries and any other IT- equipment outside the German speaking EU or outside Europe. Again, the main-language is German. Internationals may have a look into our international RDE/IPW provider pages here.


We are servicing companies and business partners only - no private customers. Our location is within the Frankfurt area of the center of Germany very close to the Frankfurt airport (about 10 to 15 Miles).

The legal name and our company address for all shipments is:

RDE Technische Vertriebs GmbH

Kirchbornstraße 2

D-65191 Wiesbaden - Bierstadt / Germany


Phone and  Fax are here

Office hours are from 10.oo to 16.oo German time (from Monday to Friday). However, you may call later - please try it, sometimes we have to work late.

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