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Netzwerk Performance - der Maßstab

Das Performance Test Tool von Jarle Aase (von NetChain Communications, Inc.) mißt die absolute Qualität von TCP-IP Netzwerk-Verbindungen aller Art unter Windows und Linux. Es gibt also wirklich genügend Tools, um irgendwelchen Ungereimtheiten schnell auf die Spur zu kommen.

"NetCPS" holt auch die Wahrheit ans Licht

Netcps is a handy utility to measure the effective performance on a TCP/IP network.


Der Autor Jarle Aase schreibt dazu : I wrote it during a trouble shooting session with some cisco switches that seemed to have problems with 100 MBits connections. I was bit surprised when I failed to find any such utilities on the net...


Start "netcps -s" on one machine, and "netcps ip.addr.of.other.machine" on the other machine, and the two programs will pump 100 MB of data over the network. The CPS is measured with 1/1000 second's accuracy.


Note that winsock seems to take quite some CPU resources on high-speed connections. I got ~4 MB/s max on a Intel Pentium 133, and ~7 MB/s on an AMD K6 200, using a Intel Intel Pro 200 server with NT 4.0 Server as the other host. I got a report that two Pentium 200 servers running NT 4.0 server had 10 MB/s on a direct connection (server to server, no hub or switch).


Netcps use a normal TCP/IP connection, pumping data without any disk access. The source code is attached.

Netcps was something I wrote in a hurry. It should be useful for testing networks, and the performance of hubs, switches and routers. The program is targeted towards my needs, and has no fancy features. The program should however be useful for network professionals. It's quite small and easy to use.


If I ever make an upgrade, you will find it at or

Netcps is freeware. You can use it, and the source code, to whatever purpose you want - with one small restriction: Governmental and military use is NOT permitted.


Part of the source code is borrowed from the sample code at


NetCPS.cpp 7,627 bytes Source code of the program

NetCPS.exe 43,520 bytes Executable file only (the program)

NetCPS.txt 1,729 bytes ReadMe file (the text of this page) 23,780 bytes Complete package of the files above


Many thanks to Jarle Aase.

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