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Compaq DLT Tape Drive-Firmware

Ein Compaq Beispiel vom July 2001

Any of the following Compaq DLT tape drives may have load and unload problems, unexpected bus free conditions, and excessive cleaning indications. The drives may have difficulty reading DLT cartridges or generate hard read or write errors. The drives may also drop the tape leader if power is cycled when a tape is loaded.


Compaq DLT Tape Drive

Firmware Version


  • 15/30-GB DLT Table Top or Internal Drive V11/840B firmware (or earlier)
  • 35/70-GB DLT Table Top or Internal Drive V85 (2255) firmware (or earlier)
  • StorageWorks TL89x DLT Tape Library configured with a 35/70-GB DLT Drive V80 (2150) firmware (or earlier)
  • StorageWorks ESL9xxx Enterprise Library configured with a 35/70-GB DLT Drive V80 (2150) firmware (or earlier)
  • NOTE: This Advisory does not apply to the 15/30-GB DLT or 35/70-GB DLT Tape Drives in the Compaq DLT 15 Cartridge Mini-Library.



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Upgrade the Compaq 15/30-GB DLT Tape Drive to V60/8D3C firmware (or later) and the Compaq 35/70-GB DLT Tape Drive to V97 (2561) firmware (or later). Compaq recommends upgrading all earlier version drives even if there is no failure history. The firmware upgrades may help prevent future problems from occurring.


Use one of the following methods to apply the firmware upgrade:



Apply the firmware upgrade through the Compaq StorageWorks Tape Storage Management Console (TSMC) which was available for download at:

Install the software per the Users Guide and follow the steps below to upgrade the firmware:


1. Remove the tape cartridge from the DLT tape drive and close the handle (must be in down position).


2. Launch the TSMC. Select "Options", select "Mode". Select "Advanced Mode" and Click OK.


3. Click on the 15/30-GB DLT or 35/70-GB DLT Tape Drive under the Device Tree.


4. Click the Download button. Choose "Yes" to use the firmware version control database and "Yes" to download the newest version of the firmware version control database from the web.


5. Click on the appropriate firmware to load the file into the download dialog window.

15/30-GB DLT Tape Drive - V60/8D3C

35/70-GB DLT Tape Drive - V97 (2561)


6. When the download dialog window appears with the correct firmware file loaded, click the download button.


7. Monitor the Progress Bar to check the status of your download. The Progress Bar and Message Log will indicate when the download is complete.


8. Close and reopen TSMC and click on the device to verify that the new firmware revision has been applied.


Download and apply Compaq Tape Options ROMPaq Version 1.70, which is available as SoftPaq SP16275


NOTE: Backup and library management software applications must be tested after the installation of the new DLT firmware. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to manage the drive firmware change within the application.  


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